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Life is a Passing Through

Animals and humans alike, we all share this space and time borrowed from God. And I think Tyler has used his life to the max. You might think that I haven't gotten over his passing but paying tribute to this great pet is never enough for me because his life as a cat and that of yours and mine are indeed very similar. It is just that Tyler passed earlier to provide us this valuable lesson:

The greatest treasure we can have is our relationships.

Resting in Peace

When all the world celebrated the coming of 2011 and everyone wishing peace, happiness and prosperity, one being's spirit rested in peace. He will just view the world from outside and I believe that he is watching over us.

Tyler passed away last November 10, 2010 and his remains are with us. Here's a pic of his urn and other remnants.

Urn made of recycle wood and paper, Tyler's pic and a condolence card from Animal House.

Urn contains Tyler's ashes, paw print and cat hair samples taken at post mortem. This service is courtesy of Animal House. Another card on the left was from the Crematory

Paw Prints on my Heart

A domestic short-hair breed cat. Lived his life in full. Born July 2004, died of renal failure in Nov 2010.

Tyler, the gentlest and greatest pet I have ever had.
A cat and yet when you look in through his eyes, a soul.

Greets when you come home,
Meows whenever you call,
Says please when he wants a treat,
Says thank you after eating it.
Rushes into your aid when you cry,
Stands beside you 'til tears ran dry.
Scrutinizes visitors, friends and strangers alike,
Approves of them after a while.
Comes to your feet and brushes around,
Gives a relaxing, purring sound.
Poses when the camera is set
A model cat with some antics, you bet.
Sticks out his tongue or gives a wink
When the bulb flashes, not even a blink.

Tyler's Call from Pet Heaven

Tyler is already 6 years old. To humans, it is already equivalent to a 60 year old adult. Right now, Tyra and myself are so lonely as Tyler has been confined in the Animal House Hospital for two days already. Even Thomas is here to offer support.

As per the vet, Tyler is suffering from renal dysfunction. His Creatinine testing showed high levels of toxicity in the kidney. For a human, it is an illness that will require dialysis. Unfortunately, it is not available to pets like us.

According to our doctor, there is a small probability of survival for Tyler. Such metabolic disorder is caused by old age and too much salt in our diet. And such illness is what mostly ends the 9 lives of a cat aside from the more common respiratory attack.

Tyler is there, still struggling to survive. We really hope that he can still borrow a 10th life. Tyra's ( Tyler's apprentice ) training is still incomplete. And I haven't really got the chance to show my love for him as a brother just because I'm not that showy.

Help us pray for Tyler's recovery. Pet Heaven is calling him, but I do hope that it is just a passing through. Tyler can still have another ten years ( = 1 year in cat's age ).

We definitely miss him already.

Posted by: Mok (almost crying)

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